Free Active Directory Tools

Techcrafters, an online PowerShell community for Active Directory admins, is bringing together its do-it-all scripts with an effectual graphical user interface. And, they are all 100% free! The free tools, which come in a single console, are aimed towards making your tedious Active Directory tasks as easy as pie and improve your IT productivity significantly. They are simple to use while at the same time pack in powerful functionalities.


So, what does the free tools from TechCrafters offer? Listed below is a brief on all tools in the suite.

Remote Active Directory Management

Local User Manager

Enables you to manage the local user accounts on the computers in your domain.

Terminal Session Manager

Allows you to manage multiple terminal service sessions, and disconnect or log off several users across the domain.

Service Account Management Tool

Enables you to report and export details on service accounts and their associated services. Also, lets you easily manage Managed Service Accounts.

Active Directory Reports

AD Query Tool

Stop searching. Query your Active Directory to get all the required data in a single view.

Last Logon Report

Lists the last logon time of user accounts in a domain.

AD Duplicate Finder Tool

Lists the duplicate objects and the duplicate entries for objects in your domain with a single click.

CSV Generator

Helps to create a CSV file with simple user specified attributes.

Empty Password Reporter

Lists all user accounts with empty/null password.

Domain and Domain Controller Management

DNS Reporter

Lists the details of the available DNS records, their corresponding record types, IP addresses and the server’s service details.

Domain and DC Role Reporter

Lists the DCs in your domain and their roles.

DC Monitor

Displays various utilization parameters of the domain controllers.

AD Replication Manager Tool

Allows you to force replication of data in a domain or forest.

Password Policy Manager

Retrieves the domain password policy and also enables you to edit them.

DMZ Port Analyzer

Verifies the status of ports required by any third party application that resides in your perimeter network to work with the Active Directory.

Password Expiration Notifier

Reminds domain users about their expiring passwords via email, SMS and push notifications.

AD LDS Object Management Tool

Manage AD LDS users and groups effortlessly using this freeware.

O365 Manager Plus

PST Migration Tool

Export Exchange Server and Office 365 mailbox content in PST format, and import it directly into Office 365.

SharePoint Management

SharePoint Reports

Lists all web parts and also reports on the file size in a specific site or site collection.